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What Is Weight-Inclusive?

Weight-inclusive is a way of promoting health sustaining behaviors without focusing on weight and weight loss. Evidence tells us that ~95% of people who pursue intentional weight loss will regain it in 3-5 years. 60% will gain back MORE weight than they lost. This focus on weight and “failure” at weight loss has a toll physically, emotionally and mentally. Creating a weight-inclusive practice supports individuals to make changes and feel positive about themselves.

Weight-Inclusive Health Coach Certification

Health coaches play a pivotal role in helping people adopt healthy behaviors. Most health coaches are trained in diet culture, promoting weight loss as the solution to physical and mental health struggles. Train to support clients to improve their health without diets, scales and weight cycling.

 Weight-Inclusive Health & Well-Being Education for All

Employee wellness programs often inadvertently push diets and weight cycling which can worsen health conditions and cause weight gain. Teaching employees how to start and maintain health sustaining behaviors is an investment that gets results.

Weight-Inclusive Certification for Healthcare Providers

Working in the healthcare industry, we learn that weight needs to be addressed even when the evidence shows us there are no successful solutions to long-term weight loss. Learn how to treat patients and clients with respect and support better health.


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